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Empower future leaders and community organisations to improve the quality of life for those they serve.

About Us

Time to learn a little Irish. Bua is the Gaelic word meaning to ‘Win’. What does winning mean to us? Making progress, growing both personally and professionally, while doing work that you can be proud of.⠀

What we do for

Our Clients

We partner with sporting and community-based organisations with the goal of expanding the reach of their message through face-to-face Marketing campaigns. This provides our clients with the chance to tell their story, share their message, and grow their supporter base. In doing so we can help these organisations to grow their revenue streams and make a greater impact on those in the community they wish to serve.


Core Values


Many companies have values that are both vague and often ignored. Usually a

result of someone putting some words on a website that sound good. The true

values of a business are shown by which behaviours are rewarded and which are

not. Here are Bua’s REAL values. These are the behaviours we care about

most as they lead to extraordinary performance and results within our industry.

The more these values describe you, and the people you like to surround yourself

with, the more likely you will thrive at Bua Group.

Our Channels of Face-to-Face Marketing

Through our years of collective experience here at Bua Group, we are able to offer a number of different options to our clients when it comes to marketing their brand in the community. These include:

Residential Marketing

Popular amongst political canvassers and real estate agencies, Residential Marketing continues to be an incredibly
effective way for organisations to get closer to their target audience and share their message in the community. ​

Retail Events Marketing

This channel allows our clients the opportunity to expose their brand to large volumes of foot traffic
that frequent local Shopping Centres and Retail outlets. This is achieved through the erection of a branded kiosk in a designated area.

Business-to-Business Marketing

Gives our clients the additional reach and exposure to those working 9-5pm who may not have the chance to
interact with that brand elsewhere. It also provides the opportunity for local business owners to learn more about what our clients do and get behind them if they wish to.

Specialty Events Marketing

From time to time, our clients require an additional presence at events such as live sporting events, trade shows and festivals.
This is an excellent way to promote their brand to a large concentrate of potential supporters. These events are seasonal and can differ in both their setup and execution.



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